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But What Makes A Successful Long Arm Quilter ??????

Little Bit Of Texas

First off as many of you can tell I don't blog ... well not really. I guess you could say I'm a hermit in the blogging world.

I do however love to long arm and make customers quilts...

It warms my heart to see the excitement of my customers seeing their quilts for the first time or the quilters seeing their finished product after weeks of work.

But what makes a successful long arm quilter? I ask myself that question a lot. Especially when I'm in a quilt store that has rows of quilts to be finished weeks back logged. And I'm like why is that not me? My rates are better, my turn around time is faster, and not to toot my own horn by my work is as good or better.

So why do I not have rows of quilts to finish? Is it because I'm a in home business and that makes folks nervous? Is it because I haven't spent a small fortune in advertising? Or am I not in every quilting club? So many questions run through our minds, doubts and confusion when we start our own new business adventure.

I have received my share of advice, from I need to be doing custom quilting you will be the most sought after, to blog everyday, to send tweets out, pay for the marketing on the many different accounts. Post pictures daily on your media accounts.

But I have come to believe its word of mouth and rates, I think folks are OK with spending higher rates with the well known businesses to quilt their project. But also us small folks can not compete with prices from the bigger players. So we do have to count on word of mouth and our quality of work.

However, that's not all that we need to do ... and I haven't even really hit even a quarter of what we need to do to be successful in the quilting world. That could takes weeks of blogging .....

My best advice at least to myself is .... Don't give up, Believe In Yourself, Keep Trying ...... you will have your time.

There are a lot more long arm quilters out there then just a few years ago, so we have more competition. But nothing is more rewarding then when you get your first client, but its even better when they come back a second time or a third or a fourth or a fifth.

So be strong my fellow New long arm quilters .... don't give up !!

But most of all HAVE FUN!!

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