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Let me help you by quilting that top you have been putting off to finish..

Long Arm Quilting - Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge Overall Design (.017 per square inch)

Thread Choice for front & back thread ($5) unless 2 different colors ($10)

Batting Used is Hobbs 80/20 ($10 per yard)

Hand Binding only offered (.30 per inch) 

Backing- must be no less then 8" to 10" being the max Larger then quilt.  

Need a back charges range from ($10 - $20 a yard) this varies on types & width of fabric 

If quilt is not pressed you will be charged ($25 - $100 depending on size and ironing needs)

Squaring quilt top & back ($15)

Shipping is at your cost $35 + varies on choice of service

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